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Including all the functions of a Veterinary Practice.
 * Practice Administrators can manage all practice scripts.
 * Clients and Millers may sign up to view & print their scripts and request repeats.

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Your scripts are produced in PDF format and can be saved to your local disk.

Prescription Writing
Write your prescriptions using our sophisticated prescrition-writing service.

Just log in and select Prescriptions on the next screen.
The screen shows your 10 most recent Prescriptions.
Directive Writing
Write your Prescriptions for Medicated Feedingstuffs (Directives) using our online script-writing service.

Similar to Prescriptions but you can select your Millers and Feeds. Premixes are automatically displayed so you can select the feed additives you want. Concentrations of Active Ingredients are calculated for you. Maximum withdrawal periods are also shown.
Repeats Creation
Creating repeat Prescriptions or Directives (Feed Scripts) just couldn't be easier.

Simply click the button "Create Copy / Repeat" and the system makes a duplicate of that entry and you can simply make whatever changes you require and print it immediately.